Rave Party in Oakland Turns to Tragedy

At Least 9 Dead, 25 Missing

Ghost ship


A rave party in Oakland turned into a blazing inferno as the warehouse which hosted the respective event burst into flames. According to official figures, at least nine people are dead and 25 are missing, while the officials are preparing for up to 40 deaths.

The fire started into a converted warehouse in Oakland, California which was known among the locals as the Ghost Ship, due to its grey walls and the “dark” artwork painted on the outside, including a skull.

The four thousand square foot structure was used by various artisans and local artists, part of it being converted into artist studios and things of that nature but there are also speculations that lots of people were living there.

Ghost ship

On Friday night, a fire tore through the “Ghost Ship” during an electronic music dance party, killing at least 9 people, whilst Alameda County Sheriff sergeant Ray Kelly told Fox News that dozens are unaccounted for, i.e. missing, while the death toll is most likely to rise as high as forty.

A spokesman for the City of Oakland Planning Department, Darin Ranalleti respectively, told AP that the city had received a number of complaints about folks living illegally inside the Ghost Ship, despite the fact that building was permitted only as a warehouse.

Obviously, the rave party from Friday night wasn’t permitted also and online photos of the warehouse depict a bohemian-style interior built with lots of wood and filled with old rugs, sofas, beds, turntables, paintings, statues and other items.


Neighbors complained often about trash piling up on the outside of the warehouse. Jerry Brown, California’s governor had issued a statement after the deadly fire, expressing his condolences. Fire experts and arson investigators are on the site combing through the wreckage, trying to determine what caused the tragedy.

The East Bay Time reports that the fire started at 11 30 PM local time on Friday during a show featuring musician Golden Donna’s 100% Silk West Coast Tour. Local officials told KTVU-TV that over fifty people were inside of the two story building at the time of the fire. Most of the casualties are thought to have been caught on the upper floor.

As the Ghost Ship lacked permits for the party to took place, not to mention for people to live and work inside, Friday night’s tragedy was a disaster waiting to happen, as there were no smoke detectors nor sprinklers installed on the premises.

“I literally felt my skin peeling and my lungs being suffocated by smoke I couldn’t get the fire extinguisher to work.”

That’s Bob Mule interviewed by Fox; he’s a photographer who lived in the building.



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