Reality Show Crew Robbed at Gunpoint in Oakland While Filming

film crew robbed oakland

As far as strange news stories go, take a load of this: 4 members of a reality show crew were robbed at gunpoint while they were filming. The incident happened on Monday night in Oakland and according to police reports, the crew lost $50,000 worth of video-equipment during the heist.

According to one of the victims, he (the head of the crew) was thrown up against a wall and afterwards, they were all forced to lay down on the pavement, with guns put against their heads and the whole nine yards: yelling, threats etc. The head of the crew is a 37 year old independent director of photography, Chris Burns respectively, working on a reality show called“This Is Summer” for the Awesomeness TV (yes, that TV station is real, broadcasts on YouTube).

The heist happened while the crew were filming in the Bay Area and according to Chris’ statement; the robbery was really scary, being the most terrifying robbery he’s ever experienced, leading us to believe this isn’t the first time his filming crew gets mugged at gunpoint, which is very disturbing to say the least. “This Is Summer” is a reality show centered on following the lives of 17 year-olds growing up in the hood, i.e. in the Bay Area. But the reality show got very real on Monday night and following the scary incident, the Awesomeness television officials decided to never shoot again in Oakland and, moreover, wherever they’ll chose to film in the future, they’ll ask for police protection or they’ll hire armed private security.

The robbery on Monday took place at 10:15 p.m. in a parking lot in the close vicinity of Mountain Mike’s Pizza; no security personnel was present at the scene. Actually, the heist took place just as the crew  had finished with filming and they were wrapping up their gear. As Chris and the 3 other crew members (all women) had packed up their filming gear into their truck, 2 suspects appeared and (very methodically) robbed them at gunpoint.

The suspects (there’s no information provided on the ethnic background/appearance of the perps which is rather strange) fled with expensive Canon cameras/lenses, chargers and monitors and they also took one of the women’s cellphone and a laptop. The robbers are still at large, whilst the Police and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are currently offering a $15,000 reward for any type of intel which may lead to their arrest.