Shocking Scale of Los Angeles Homelessness Exposed in Dashcam Footage (VIDEO)

LA homelessness Skid Row

Speaking of “liberalism” and mental disorders, the shocking scale of homelessness in Los Angeles, the city of angels and the ultimate leftist stronghold, not to mention sanctuary haven, was exposed via dashcam footage which depicts sidewalks lined with countless tents, where more than twenty thousand people live on the streets in deprived areas of the megalopolis.

There’s a 30+ minute long clip on LiveLeak which reveals the desert of reality of Christmas Day in the city of angels. The video was shot in in the Skid Row district, on 5th/6th street and San Pedro, thus capturing Los Angeles’ most famous homeless spots. You can see how women and children are living “the high life” on the streets in one of the richest cities in the world, using improvised shelters and tents erected in clusters, not to mention the rubbish bags littering the streets and so forth and so on.

If you’re not from Los Angeles, the footage captured by a Live Leak user with his car dash camera is nothing short of shocking, as it depicts the brutal reality of “street-life” in the Skid Row district. What’s even more shocking is that the Skid Row district, which makes for LA’s most dangerous place to live is located in the city’s central business zone. There are 9 “public” toilets in the Skid Row district, which are shared by thousands of homeless people.

Due to the skyrocketing cost of housing/rent in California, middle class workers are basically forced to seek alternatives, and many of them end up living in their cars by the roadside or sleeping in Santa Barbara’s parking lots, where there are at least 23 parking lots currently used for the Safe Parking Program, which allows clients to stay overnight in the parking lots of churches, not-for-profits and government offices.

Now, if you ask me, that’s fake news. There’s no such thing as homeless people in a liberal state like California. After all, at the core of liberalism is the spread of wealth to make everyone even. How can there be homeless people in the same state where there are millionaire movie stars who will happily spread their wealth and open their mansions to house their fellow man?  Joke aside, this footage makes for a stunning visual example of the fruits of Democrat government.