Southern California Faces Hell Heat: 120° on Friday

south california heat wave

Southern Californians will be facing a massive heat wave this weekend. According to meteorologists, starting from Friday, the heat wave settling over SoCal may very well break records from the mountains to the coastal areas. Also, heavy thunderstorms are expected following the heat wave, which is rather normal, while the risk of wildfires is also increased due to the abundance of dry lightning.

Wildfires are one thing, but the heat wave that will most probably reach a peak during this weekend, on Friday and Saturday respectively, may see temperatures as high as 112 degrees in Woodland Hills and 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the Coachella Valley. San Bernadino Mountains area, i.e. the communities and cities on either side including Burbank can also expect scorching temperatures starting from Thursday throughout the weekend.

Considering the fact that basically all Southern California is expecting triple digit temperatures this weekend, people should take extreme precautions, as this is really dangerous heat. Keep in mind that these estimates are based on temperatures measured in the shade, which means that they’ll be significantly higher in direct sunlight. Keep hydrated at all times and avoid direct exposure to sunlight especially in the afternoon (children and the elderly at especially at risk of heat strokes/fatigue). Also, an excess of caffeine and alcohol while experiencing extremely high temperatures may impair one’s health (they’re both diuretics which exacerbate dehydration).

The heat wave which is set to heat SoCal this weekend is due to  a high pressure system nicknamed “Four Corners High,” and it will reach inland, whilst broiling communities from San Luis Obispo County to the Santa Monica Mountains. Thunderstorms are expected over the San Bernardino Mountains and they may provoke wildfires via dry lightning strikes. The humidity which arrives from the Golf of Mexico, also known as monsoonal moisture will add insult to injury, i.e. it will make weather conditions even more miserable, while preventing SoCal area from cooling  notably overnight.