Study Claims Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Safest Recreational Drug

infected mushrooms

While we here at don’t advocate the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, according to a very recent scientific study, “shrooms” are the safest recreational drug like, ever. And we’ve thought that Jim Beam and Mary Jo would take the first 2 places in the holy trinity of recreational drugs…but what do we know, right? After all, it’s 2017 and the world has changed, yet not for the better necessarily.

Ranting aside, a survey of sorts over hallucinogenic mushrooms users in 2016 found that these people required less medical treatment compared to LSD, MDMA and cocaine users. One of the riskiest drugs was declared, to no-one’s surprise I may add, synthetic cannabis.

According to the current year’s Global Drug Survey, mushrooms (psilocybin hallucinogenic) were found to be the safest recreational drug of 2016. Over 12,000 stoners were surveyed and a mere 0.2% of folks reportedly on psilocybin hallucinogenic said they required emergency medical treatment, which is 5 times lower (at least 5 times) than that for LSD, MDMA and cocaine.

According to the study, the biggest risk with regard to consuming magic mushrooms consists in picking/eating the wrong variety. Death from toxicity with regard to psilocybin hallucinogenic (the magic mushroom par excellance) is almost unheard of, but I would dare to say the same is valid for “regular” (as in not synthethic/genetically modified/spiked) Mary Jo users.

However, not even magic “shrooms” aren’t totally safe, according to the survey:

 “Combined use with alcohol and use within risky or unfamiliar settings increase the risks of harm most commonly accidental injury, panic and short lived confusion, disorientation and fears of losing one’s mind.”

Flashbacks and panic attacks are a common occurrance hence it would be advisable to plan your trip very carefully, in a safe place and with trusted company. Or, stick to Jim Beam.


Photograph: Farmer Images/Getty Images/Moment Open