The 5 Things Each Sex Lies About the Most

For years, both men and women have accused the other sex of lying through their teeth. Women claim men lie just about anything and men claim women lie more but hide it better.  Here are ten things each sex lies about the most.


Relationship Status

When a man begins to pursue a woman, more often than not he would outright lie about his status. He would say something like” I’m not seeing anyone right now” when he’s actually dating like five women at once. Even worse, he may be in a relationship for many years or even married but parade with you around town like he’s the bachelor.

Their whereabouts

Men hate being questioned about where they are or what are they doing there. If you ask your man/ partner that questions chances are you’re going to hear the irritation in his voice over the phone or he might be evasive in person. Sometimes there is nothing to hide, men just do not like to feel compelled to answer to anyone. They enjoy their freedom so constant questions concerning their whereabouts make them feel trapped.

How you look

 Its quarter to seven, your dinner reservation is at 7 p.m. and there you are trying on your hundredth outfit because the one you chose before didn’t “look right.” Or maybe you can’t get your hair in that particular style so you feel like crap. Chances are, if you ask your boo “Babe how do I look?” he’s going to say” You look beautiful babe”. Just about anything to get you out of the house.

How they feel

From young, men have been socialized to believe that showing emotion is a sign of weakness and so most times they simply bottle their feelings. Fast forward a couple of decades later, the man in your life may have no idea how to connect with you. He may lie about having a good day or how something has affected him.

How much money he makes

Again, socialization is a bitch.  Men have been taught to equate their self worth with the digits on their bank account and that they must always be earning more than their leading lady. So if you ever work up the courage to ask your guy about his salary, he’s probably going to exaggerate a bit, just so he won’t seem like a complete loser to you.




Most men nowadays seem to have a particular liking for younger women and the sugar entire sugar daddy phenomenon is quite popular.  So usually women who are 24 years old and up usually claim to be a lot younger in order to appeal to men.

Number of sex partners

Though women are more sexually liberated than before, it is still frowned upon when a woman is known to have several sexual partners either in general or during a specific period. So to prevent slut shaming or being turned down by the guy of their dreams, women simply lie about their number.

Last time they had sex

When a woman is dating a guy and this question pops up, more than likely she is going to say that she hasn’t had any action in six or three months. This may actually be true for a few women but usually it’s just a safe time frame given to prevent any awkward questions or sideway glances.

Being single

For some women, their relationship status depends on who is asking. If their current relationship is on the rocks chances are they’re going to tell that hot guy at the bar that they are single and free.

“I’m fine”

Perhaps she just had a fight with her sister or an argument with you. She might give you the silent treatment and shoot you dirty looks for the rest of the day, but still insist” I’m fine”.