The Healthy(-ish) Fast Food Options for 2017!

It’s been said time and time again; New Year, new me! Yes, everyone says for their New Year’s resolution that they want to get healthier and 2017 doesn’t seem to be any different. The problem is that changing your diet isn’t something that can happen overnight. Additionally, with everyone’s hectic schedule, it’s tough to take the time and work out what you can and can’t eat. You might need to even cheat a little as the months go by…like going to the dreaded fast food restaurants! Here’s the thing, though. Some fast food restaurants actually have choices on their menus that are on the healthier side. They’re not the best food choices for you, but if you’re in a bind, and you know what to grab, it’ll make a difference. Best of all, it’ll help you make that adjustment one step at a time and it won’t’ break the bank!


  • Egg McMuffin: The morning is the most hectic time of the day; you’re still waking up, you have to get to work on time, etc. So, if you’re short on time, consider getting the Egg McMuffin. There are only 300 calories in the sandwich and you get 17 g of protein, only 12 g of fat, 29 carbs, and 730 mg of sodium. That’s a little less than half of what’s recommended for your sodium intake.
  • Hamburger: Now, the hamburger might not be the most exciting thing on the menu, but if you pair it with a side salad (only 70 calories with Italian dressing) it adds a bit of flavor. This sandwich is actually one of their healthiest menu items and it only has 240 calories, 8g of fat, and gives you 20% of your daily sodium.
  • Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Without the mayonnaise, this menu item comes in at only 360 calories. It also offers its consumer 33g of protein, 6g of fat, 43g of carbs, and 960mg of sodium, which is a little under half of what’s recommended for your daily intake.

Burger King

  • Whopper Junior: The Whopper Jr. is only 300 calories! You can even pair it with cheese and add on a salad, so you’ll add on some decent greens (in addition to what’s on the burger) to your meal.
  • BK Veggie Burger: You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a nice veggie burger! If you haven’t tried them before, make this the year you finally do! This sandwich comes in at 310 calories, has 22g of protein, 7g of fat, 42g of carbs, and 990mg of sodium.
  • Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich: Yes, you have 86 the mayonnaise, but this low-fat sandwich (only 9g of fat) is only 350 calories and gives you 25% of your suggested daily sodium intake. You could even pair it with onion rings, which are only 150 calories!


  • Large Chili: That’s right, a large chili at Wendy’s is only 310 calories and has 26 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. It’ll fill you up and help you feel great in 2017.
  • Asian Cashew Chicken Salad: Some of the salads at Wendy’s aren’t healthy, but the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad is the exception. This full-size bed of greens comes in at 380 calories, offers 36g of protein, only has 14g of fat, 32g of carbs, and 1070mg of sodium. The only negative is that this salad is pretty high in sugar; 40 grams.
  • Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich: That’s right, we’re going back to chicken again. Chicken is always better than the beef sandwiches and this one only has 370 calories, with just 8g of fat and gives you 42% of your daily sodium intake.

Taco Bell

  • Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme: Taco Bell in the past few years has come out with their Fresco menu, which swaps out the sour cream and cheese for salsa. The chicken burrito on the menu is only 340 calories, has 19g of protein, 8g of fat, 49g of carbs, and 1060mg of sodium.
  • Fresco Soft Tacos with chicken: Another item on the Fresco menu that’s only 280 calories are the chicken soft tacos. They also only have 7g of fat, and give you 39% or your daily sodium Add the black beans and rice (180 calories) to it and you’ve got a meal that’s under 500 calories.


  • Six-inch Turkey Breast Sandwich: ) Of course, Subway had to be added to the list! Their six-inch turkey sub with avocado is only 360 calories. Also make sure to get it with wheat bread, load on the veggies, and add mustard. It’s the best on-the-go solution.   

Some other options include the grilled chicken drumsticks at KFC and the Grilled Wahoo fish tacos (with avocado) at Baja Fresh. Starbucks also has a strawberry blueberry yogurt parfait that’s great, their tall café Americano is rich in antioxidants, and their spinach and feta wrap is a great choice for lunch…or breakfast. Also, Papa John’s has a great Garden Fresh Pizza (be careful of the sodium, however) and, finally, if you eat at Chipotle, watch out for the sour cream, cheese, and the tortillas.