Top 5 Extreme Motorcycles In The World


When it comes to extreme motorcycles, price is not the only thing that is sure to drop jaws and satisfy any eye, given the affluent designs that accompany most of these two wheelers. The unique design that comes with some of the most esteemed masterpieces is always sure to frighten even the most experienced and trained professionals in the space.

 Lotus C-01

Lotus C-01 is sure to evoke memories of the heat film Tron: Legacy, given its futuristic body design. Crafted in Titanium, this piece of innovation features carbon fiber and an aerospace grade steel. Branded by Lotus Automotive this two-wheeler comes with a 4-stroke V-twin engine able to deliver 200horsepower at the back of a 6-gear jaw-type shift transmission.


Given its futuristic design, this extreme motorcycle costs in the upwards of $139,000

 Ecosse ESI Superbike

 When it comes to speed and price, nothing beats Ecosse ESI superbike commissioned by formula one engineers from the UK. A price tag of $1 million means it’s beyond the reach of most people and expensive than most high-end luxury four wheelers. A composite construction accompanied by an electronic control system all but continues to justify its price tag


 Powered by an IL4 engine this extreme superbike can top speeds of 250 miles an hour at the back of an engine able to produce 200hp.

 G2 P51 COMBAT Fighter

While G2 P51 Combat Fighter is not a match to Ecosse ESI superbike when it comes to price and speed, its unique design justifies its inclusion in the list of the most extreme motorcycles in the world. Designed by Jon Kaase, this exotic street motorcycle features Confederate Motors proprietary monocoque construction.


 The 500-Pound warrior comes with a V-twin engine able to produce 200ft lbs of torque. The bike is made entirely out of 6061 billet aluminum. With 61 models set to be produced one at a time pricing is to start at $125 000.

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

 Dodge Tomahawk sets it self-part from competition with a unique design and an awesome speed of 600 kilometers an hour that shatters conventional thinking of personal transportation. This non-street extreme motorcycle was first manufactured in 2003 and become an instant heat especially among youngsters all over the world.

 Its four-wheel sleek, rolling sculpture all but sets it apart from other extreme motorcycles in the space.

 The price for the Dodge Tomahawk starts at $555,000 given that it comes 500hp engine with 10 cylinders.