10 Days on the Job, Mooch Gets Fired as President Trump’s Communications Director

mooch ousted by trump

Well, that didn’t take long ladies and gentlemen, as “Mooch” Anthony Scaramucci was fired from his position as White House Communications Director after just 10 days on the job. However, during his incredibly short tenure, Mooch rocked the “establishment” so to speak, as three days prior to his firing by the POTUS via surrogate he managed to get rid of his arch nemesis (and RINO extraordinaire) Reince Priebus. One may say, job well done.

According to various reports from the mainstream media,  Anthony Scaramucci’s short and colorful reign as Communications Director for Donald Trump was put to an end under instruction from John Kelly, the POTUS’ new chief of staff. It seems pretty clear that Mooch’s job was very straight forward, i.e. to clean house of Reince Priebus. You know that saying, the Mooch has done his duty, the Mooch can go? Well, this seems to be the case with Anthony Scarammuci, but that’s pure conjecture, of course.

The wealthy New York/Goldman Sachs financier Mooch’s abrupt resignation/firing/removal or whatever you want to call it added to the apparent chaos that seems to surround the White House for the past couple of weeks. The Mooch handed his resignation to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Monday morning:



To make things a little bit more dramatic, this story was pedaled earlier:


However, despite the apparent political chaos and the multitude of red herrings, the market is doing pretty good, all things considered:


The ouster of Anthony Scaramucci only adds to the already long-list of high ranking personnel fired under Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House. Let’s remember Michael Flynn who resigned/was fired in February, the former US Attorney Preet Bharara, former FBI boss James Comey, Sean Spicer and, last but not least, Reince Priebus. As I already told you, with Priebus gone, Mooch’s job is done and that was probably part of the deal.