10 Things You Didn’t Know About Melania Trump

Melania Trump

Melania Trump, the future first lady of the United States will be like no other before her. Just like her husband has broken all political norms and behaviors to clinch the US presidency, Melania Trump equally will have broken all tradition and conventions expected of a first lady.

  1. As a model, she has posed nude or semi-nude

In January 200, she posed nude for GQ magazine. And following interest from readers especially now that she had become even more famous following her husband’s good showing in the Republican primaries, the photos were republished online in March 2016. Other publications she has modeled for include Vanity Fair, Vogue, New York Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar. She was also a bikini model for a 2000 issue of Sports Illustrated. As far as first ladies go, she is the only one who has ever posed nude.

  1. She grew up in communism

Melania Trump, then known as Melania Knavs grew up in Yugoslavia which was then under the grip of Marshal Josip Tito. This will make her the second first lady to have been born abroad. Louisa Adams, wife of the 6th president of the United States, John Quincy Adams. Louisa Adams was born in England before she moved to the US.

  1. She has a half-brother she has never met

Melania Trump has a half-brother named Denis Cigelnjak, who she has never met. This is because Denis was fathered out of wedlock before his father married Melania’s mother. While Victor Knavs, Melania’s father, paid child support for his son, he never made contact with him or even acknowledge that he existed. Denis is now 50 and lives in Slovenia.

  1. She is multi-lingual

Melania Trump speaks five languages including French, German, Slovenian, Serbian and of course English. However, she speaks English with a heavy accent and this has been cited as the reason she is not keen on making public speeches.

  1. She talked dirty live on radio

Melania Trump was involved in a lewd radio conversation with Howard Stern. In the radio show, Howard Stern repeatedly asked her what she was wearing and she went on reveal how skimpily dressed she was. This was after the shock jock had had a conversation with Donald Trump when he asked him to put his wife on the line.

  1. Bill and Hillary were guests at her wedding.

When Melania and Donald tied the knot, they invited 350 guests to the Mar-a-Lago residence. Among the guests included the Clinton, who Donald widely disparaged during the 2016 presidential election. Not only did Donald Trump threaten to jail her once he became president but he leveled false allegations against Bill Clinton even though he was not on the ticket. Other guests who attended the Trump’s wedding included Simon Cowell, Barbara Walters, and Heidi Klum. At the wedding, Melania had her sister as the maid of honor. Donald Trump’s best men were his sons from an earlier marriage – Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump.

  1. She has expensive tastes

Melania Trump’s wedding is alleged to have cost approximately $1 million. She wore a Dior wedding dress worth $100,000. The dress had over 1,500 crystals which consumed around 550 hours in total to assemble. The dress had a train measuring 13 feet while the veil was 16 feet. The dress was, however, a pain to walk in and she had to change into another dress for the pool party. Her wedding ring is also said to be worth over $1.5 million. Other than the lavish wedding, her expensive tastes also came to the fore when she decorated her matrimonial residence in fine marble and 24-karat gold. Her matrimonial residence is a 3-story penthouse at the Trump Tower.

  1. She is Donald Trump’s wife number three

Before Melania crossed paths with Donald Trump, he was twice married and twice divorced. She started dating Trump in 1998 and married him seven years later. Before her, Trump was married first to Ivana Trump, who was also from Eastern Europe just like Melania. Ivana Trump is the mother to three of Trump’s eldest children – Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. Donald Trump was also married to Marla Maples, the mother of Tiffany Trump.

  1. Her husband is old enough to be her father

Donald Trump is 70-years old while Melania Trump is 46-years old which translates to a 24-year age difference. One of Donald Trump’s older children is 38-years old making her closer in age to her step-son than to her husband. And with Trump’s eldest daughter and favorite child, Ivanka Trump, being 34, they only have a 12-year age gap making Melania more of a big sister to Ivanka than a step-mother. And even more interesting, Melania Trump’s father is only older than Donald Trump by five years.

  1. She will be one of the tallest first ladies

Melania Trump stands at a height of 5 foot 11 inches. That will make her one of the tallest first ladies, with one of them being her soon-to-be predecessor, Michelle Obama. The other is Eleanor Roosevelt.