‘2017 is Going To Be the Year of Kicking Russia in the Ass’ Says Lindsey Graham

US Senator Lindsey Graham called for more sanctions against Russia

US Senator, Lindsey Graham, has said that 2017 is going be “the year of kicking Russia in the ass”. Graham threatened Russia with more sanctions because of Moscow’s alleged interference in the US Presidential election.

The Republican Senator spoke at Munich Security Conference on Sunday, and commented on the accusations of Russian involvement in the US election. Graham promised a new investigation in the Congress over the alleged Russian hacking.

If you’re worried that we’re not going to look long and hard at what Russia did in our election because Trump won and the Republicans are in charge, you don’t need to worry about that. I promise everybody in this room that Congress is going to take a long, hard look at what Russia did to undermine our elections, so they’ll be better prepared when they come your way.

Furthermore, Graham said that a bipartisan vote in the Congress should prompt Trump to ‘punish’ Russia:

So we’ve introduced Russia sanctions for interfering in our election, apart from what they did in Crimea, we’re going to have a vote on it.
It’s going to be bipartisan, we’re going to get north of 75 votes and my goal is to put it on Trump’s desk and I hope he will embrace the idea that as the leader of the free world, he should be working with us to punish Russia.

Graham said he believes that Russia will try to interfere in elections in Europe.

To our German friends, you’re next. To our friends in France, they’re coming after you. And to my friend Mr. Lavrov, I hope you finally suffer some consequences for what you and your regime have been doing to democracies, and 2017 is going to be the year of kicking Russia in the ass in Congress.

Graham, a known proponent of hawkish US foreign policy, is considered to be a prominent member of the extremely influential Neo-conservative faction in Washington.

His remarks on Russia indicate that the Republican establishment will not only block any attempt of the Trump administration to repair US/Russia relations, but also actively work to continue Obama’s policies of antagonizing Russia.

Source/Image: Russia Today