23 Year Old Syrian Refugee Arrested in Germany for ISIS Links

A 23 year old Syrian refugee was arrested in Germany on Wednesday for alleged links with ISIS’ notorious “news agency” Amaq. The German authorities found a connection of sorts between “Mohammed G” (they did not disclose his full name) and the media group working for the Islamic State.

The suspect’s arrest was disclosed on Thursday, as German prosecutors accused Mohammed G of acting as an intermediary on behalf of ISIS’ news agency Amaq. According to the official statement released by Germany’s federal prosecutor’s office, Mohammed G started working for Amaq News right after he arrived in Germany as a refugee in September, 2015.germany syrian refugee isis

A statement from Germany’s prosecutor’s office reads:

“Once he arrived, he acted as a contact person between the news agency Amaq, which is considered part of Islamic State, and possible assailants of the terror organization,”


Mohammed G is basically accused of recruiting/radicalizing an unnamed Syrian man in Sweden via social media. The latter attacked a Malmo community center using a Molotov cocktail. Afterwards, Mohammed G confirmed the details of the attack from the Sweden “contractor” at Amaq’s request. Here’s again from the prosecutor’s office statement:

One day after this attack, the accused demanded from his contact person (in Sweden) a personal claim of this deed. The background was that Amaq did not want to issue a report about the attack without such a claim.”

Amaq took credit for the Malmo attack on behalf of the Islamic State upon receiving confirmation from Mohammed G. The official statement added:

“After that, IS claimed the attack in the al-Naba newspaper which it publishes,”

Amaq news agency is the carrier of choice for most of ISIS’ high profile terrorist attacks, especially in Western Europe. Speaking of pathological political correctness, a Swedish judge tried to label the attack on the Malmo community center as an arson incident (as opposed to terrorism), disregarding the intel found on the suspect’s personal computer, i.e. instructions on DIY-ing IEDs and explosive detonators, an image of the ISIS flag and videos of Islamic State operatives beheading people.