33 States Consider ‘Sanctuary’ Crackdown

sanctuary cities

Speaking of President Trump’s campaign promises getting fulfilled one by one, we just got word today of 33 states (at least) which considered to pass laws aimed at cracking down on sanctuary cities this year.

This would make for almost double the number of states from last year, following President Donald Trump’s policies against cities and communities which are refusing to cooperate with ICE/federal immigration law-enforcement.

A number of states like Indiana, Georgia, Texas and Mississippi already passed legislation in 2017 which punishes publicly funded universities and local governments that enact policies for harboring illegal immigrants ( or undocumented to use the liberal parlance of our times).

Referring to illegal immigrants as “undocumented” is like saying that a bank robber made an “undocumented” withdrawal.

And the good news is that other states are set to follow suit as soon as possible.

In comparison, there were only eighteen states back in 2016 considering such legislation and just 4 in 2015, during Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House. The figures are provided by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

After President Trump got elected in an Electoral College landslide, his strongly enunciated campaign promises with regard to cracking down on sanctuary cities via cutting federal funding and restricting illegal immigration in the US by constructing a wall at the US Mexico border, together with the full enforcement of immigration laws have boosted state lawmakers’s will to craft their bills faster.

“There’s more sanctuary activity at the state and local level because of the president’s marshaling confidence.This is what the president’s executive order on sanctuary jurisdictions was meant to hammer home.”

said the executive director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, Mr. Dale Wilcox, the man who helped state lawmakers to craft their bills. Speaking of sanctuary cities, it’s amazing that government officials actually believe they are above the law and can pick and choose which laws to follow and which ones to ignore. If normal citizens did this they would be in jail. Enforce immigration laws! If they are here illegally then they deserve to be deported. If they don’t want to be deported then become legal. It’s as simple as that.

All States need to pass these laws and ignore any court that tries to block them. Any city that protects ILLEGAL immigrants deserves zero tax dollars.