3,500 Suspected Terrorists in UK, 400 ISIS-Trained Fighters Returned from Syria, Iraq War Zones

uk terrorism

Following the latest terrorist attack which occurred just a few hours earlier, late on Monday night during an Ariana Grande gig at Manchester Arena, an attack which killed at least 19 people and injured dozens, we just got word that the UK is home to over 3500 Muslims suspected of terrorism.

The threat from home-grown terrorism skyrocketed since 2015, as over 400 UK born jihadists returned from war zones in Iraq and Syria. And the latest Islamic terrorist attacks from 2017 seem to confirm what the intelligence services and “free market” analysts warned time and time again.

Let’s remember the Westminster bridge attack, together with tonight’s suicide nail-bomber, not to mention the official statistics which reveal the huge number of terrorism-related arrests, stop and searches and a huge 80% grow in arrests of people suspected of plotting terror attacks in the UK.

The official statistics paint a very grim picture of the future: in 2016 alone, there were over 260 terrorism related arrests, vs 282 in 2015. In June of 2016 it was revealed that over 400 UK born ISIS operatives had return from Iraq and Syria after fighting with terrorist groups, and they were welcomed upon their return, despite the huge security risks. Of course, they are “monitored” by the UK security apparatus, with excellent results (I am being sarcastic).

In this writer’s opinion, returning jihadis should never have been allowed back in. Their passports should have been revoked as soon as they left Britain. UK jihadi-brides are also returning home after their husbands died in Iraq and Syria fighting for ISIS. As many as ten Muslim-British women together with their children have left the “caliphate” in 2017 alone and some of them made it back to the UK and Germany. An intelligence source has been quoted as saying:

“When we look at the risk these women pose, it’s all case by case, but we have to be aware of who they were married to.”