53% of Americans Believe Media Leaks Are Acts of Treason

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According to a very recent Rasmussen poll, more than half of Americans (53%) think that the “deep state” leaks via the corporate mainstream media are an act of treason. However, if you’re familiarized with Machiavellian theory, one’s act of treason is another one’s service to the country.

Or to use a more familiar comparison, one’s terrorist is another one’s freedom fighter and so on and so forth. A national telephone/online survey performed by Rasmussen Reports found that 53% of likely United States voters regard the leaks of classified intel to the corporate left-wing mainstream media to be an act of treason. Thirty percent disagree with the “treason” part and eighteen percent are undecided.

Mind you, Rasmussen Reports is among the very few polling companies who predicted Donald Trump’s victory in November,i.e. their polling method is not biased, as they’re as reliable as it gets.

If you want to see the survey’s parameters, just click here.

The 53% figure is almost identical to the percent of Americans who believed back in 2010 that WikiLeaks’ online-dump of top secret intel regarding US government’s war-crimes in Afghanistan and other defense/foreign policy issues was an act of treason. Mind you, WikiLeaks is not a profit-based organization and it has a 100% accuracy record.

73% of GOP voters regard the leaking of classified intel via deep state colluding with corporate mainstream media as nothing short of treasonous, with only 36% of Democrats believing the same, which is hardly surprising. If you want to see the full survey numbers, visit here.