58 House Dems Vote To Impeach President Trump in Epic Failure Initiative

impeach 45 fails miserably in the house

Here’s Al Green, a never Trumper Democrat from day one, reading articles of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday on the House floor. This move was widely regarded as inept and plain stupid and it ended up with a staggering 364 vs 58 vote against Democrats’ resolution to “Impeach 45”:


Your hard-earned tax dollars at work. 15 minutes of so-called accusations and platitudes:

Black people put President Trump in the White House? Either Green and Waters are idiots or completely out of touch with their base.

First of all, nothing that Trump did was illegal. It wasn’t even unconstitutional. I find it laughable how badly the vote against impeachment skunked the vote for impeachment. How can we have Representatives that do not know the law? Everything that Al Green used as the basis of impeachment was extremely subjective. There’s no evidence of any damage to the country.

However what is scary is that if the Democrats get the majority in the House and the Senate they will push through impeachment regardless if Trump has done anything to deserve it. Just remember how the DEMs and establishment shills were talking about impeaching Trump BEFORE he took office.

Even the DEM leadership suggested the “#resistance warriors” to forget about and to abandon the impeachment vote, but to no avail.  DEM AL Green’s resolution accused President Trump of causing harm to American society due to the POTUS’ travel ban on a number of Muslim majority countries, even if the respective countries were designated as terror prone nations by dear leader Barry Obama himself. Also, the POTUS correctly blaming both sides for Charlottesville violence, his ban on transgenders in the military or the retweeting of videoclips depicting Muslim violence were considered by this “dude” as impeachable offenses, i.e. high misdemeanors.

Even Nancy Pelosi considered these accusations of being ludicrous:

“You can’t go down any path without the facts, and the law.The fact is that we’ve got to really be saying what this election means to people in their lives. Somebody has some facts that come forth about President Trump, let the chips fall where they may. But it’s not some place I think we should go,”

said Pelosi last week. Here’s House Intelligence Committee member DEM Adam Schiff:

“My feeling is that we shouldn’t give any ammunition to the idea that we are racing to embrace this before all the facts are in. Let’s finish our investigations. Let’s see where they lead.”