70% of American Youths Not Fit to Serve in the Military: Obese, Drugs, Criminal Record

america obesity epidemic

According to a huge new study, America is confronting an obesity epidemic which reached new highs and costs 150 billion dollars a year, while hurting military recruiting in a big way. Judging from the newly released figures, America is getting fatter and this fact is delivering a huge blow to the US, both in terms of increased healthcare costs and undermining military recruiting.

The figures available at the 14th annual State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America reveal that 7 in 10 Americans are either obese or overweight and the healthcare costs associated with obesity are skyrocketing. Besides the 150 billion dollars per year which make for additional healthcare costs for obese adults and children, there are untold billions lost in worker productivity.

And the obesity epidemic also hits hard one of America’s greatest “industries”, the military. Approximately 25% of military recruits are routinely rejected because they’re overweight and the Pentagon spends one billion dollars a year in extra healthcare costs for obese personnel and their families.

The report also states unequivocally that seventy percent of today’s youth are not fit to serve, due to being overweight or obese, and/or having drug problems, criminal records or even educational deficits. The “fattest” state in the US is West Virginia, with 37,7% of its population being obese, while the fittest is Colorado, with just 22% obese. Obesity is also race related, with adult obesity rates above 40% for blacks in fifteen states and obesity rates at/above 35% among Latinos in 9 states, which can be compared to rates above 35% among whites in only 1 state.

Maybe part of the problem is that the US Government subsidizes sugar and corn, and if you’re obese it’s always someone else’s fault and it’s the government’s job to make fat people stop eating so much while subsidizing their bad habits.

Then, with regard to the misfits with a history of drugs and crime, that’s exactly why we need to send them to the military, preferably as soon as they are caught. They would get detox, self-respect, and the discipline that they very much need.

It would benefit them and the society, instead of just being a burden through lockup, which solves almost nothing. The military would give them a chance to turn their lives around and help our society. Why do we insist on sending​ only our best into harm’s​ way just because they can’t afford college? The obese that want to join should be sent to boot camp for the obese (fat camp). I would rather pay tax money to get them healthy than tax money to keep them living until old age.

It’s shocking how people, not just young people, are now so self-indulgent, i’s like our culture has become toxic.