8 Million Illegals Could Be Deported Under Trump Immigration Order

illegal immigration

Not only “bad hombres” are targeted by President Donald Trump’s immigration order, but up to eight million illegals could be deported in what can be described as a great overhaul of immigration law enforcement.

Donald Trump’s executive actions basically stripped away the vast majority of restrictions that were imposed by the previous administrations regarding who should be deported, thus making it easier for law enforcement agencies to proceed with roundups and detentions on a scale never seen since the Bush era.

According to the LA Times, up to eight million illegal immigrants in the US may be considered as priorities for deportations in the future. The 8 mn figure is claimed to be an educated guess, as it’s based on interviewing experts who studied President Trump’s executive actions and internal documents with regard to the new directives.

The new executive orders give broader powers to immigration agents, who can now detain almost anyone, even those who came in contact with people entering the United States illegally.

Also, immigration law enforcement agents are now  allowed to book into custody various individuals if their children receive free lunches or for using food stamps.

According to the paper, the new orders instruct officers to deport not only convicted illegal immigrants but also those who are believed to have committed criminal acts.

It is believed that over 6 million individuals have crossed the US border illegally and are prone to deportation, while 11 million illegals (the official figure) are believed to have entered the country using a valid visa, but then remained in the US past its expiration date.

Among the latter 11 million illegal aliens, 8 million are job holders according to a PEW research study, yet they’re working in violation of the Federal law obviously, and most probably these are low paying jobs who are driving down wages for honest American workers.

Just as a quick reminder, 124 illegals who were released from custody from 2010 to 2015 were charged with murder. The White House stated that the administration’s priority are not the 6 million illegals but the dangerous criminals hiding among them:

“We’ve gone from a situation where ICE officers have no discretion to enhance public safety and their hands are totally tied, to allowing ICE officers to engage in preventative policing and to go after known public safety threats and stop terrible crimes from happening.”

After Obama took office, expulsion of illegal immigrants who were working in the US dropped more than 70% as worksite raids were stopped and deportation priorities restricted. Trump told Border Patrol members before signing the infamous exec-order:

“For too long, your officers and agents haven’t been allowed to properly do their jobs,”


Source: LA Times