83% Of ‘Children’ Refugees Tested in Sweden Are Actually Adults

sweden child refugee

The oh-so tolerant Sweden allowed over 1200 so-called refugees to enter its capital Stockholm in a single day back in October 2015, all of them claiming to be children (with beards, nota bene) seeking shelter in the European Union.

refugees with beards sweden

According to European Union’s policy with regard to refugees, all “children” are automatically accepted under refugee status, i.e. their asylum applications are prioritized, cleared, fast tracked and asylum granted without questions. And now we just got word that 83% of the so-called refugee-children were declared to be adults after being tested by Sweden’s National Board of Medicine. As per an article from Fria Tider,  4,107 children refugees were tested, 3,322 male adults and 93 females respectively, and in 3415 out of 4,107 cases they were found to be 18 years of age or older by forensic assessments. That means 83 percent of the so-called refugees (the vast majority of them being young males, what happened to women and children?) are in reality adults.

One may argue these guys are self identifying as children, and who are Swedish authorities to judge? However, considering that the Paris-Bataclan Islamic terrorists were all “refugees” who had entered Europe recently and were welcomed, and Germany’s intel services acknowledged back in July that hundreds of Islamic terrorists/radicals had entered the country hidden among the migrants courtesy of Angela Merkel’s suicidal open-border policy, whilst 24,000 radical Muslims are currently active in Germany, one may wonder how long it will take for the Eurocrats and local authorities in France, Germany, Sweden et al to wake up from their stupor and reconsider their feckless policies.

And speaking of “refugees”, keep in mind that  97% of the people fleeing a “war torn area” or for “economic reasons” seeking refugee status are military age males. These are “men” who LEAVE the women and children in those places while they FLEE, let that sink in.