ABC News Issues Correction to ‘Bombshell’ Report on Michael Flynn (VIDEO)

After ABC broke the story yesterday that President Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is ready to testify that the Donald instructed him to contact those pesky Russkies during the campaign, i.e. as a candidate, not as President Elect, drama ensued, the left cheered “Impeach 45” (or it was just Auntie Maxine?) and chaos engulfed financial markets (they basically tanked). Now, ABC News “corrected” their “extinction level event” report on Michael Flynn by issuing a so-called clarification, which not only negates the whole story, but provides President Trump with more ammo to fire against the inglorious fake news media.

Here’s the “clarification” in full:

Basically, just as the Donald always said, there was no contact with the Ruskies while he was a candidate. However, during the transition period, attempts were made to recreate the diplomatic relations with Russia, as Trump was already President Elect, and that’s quite normal, it happened before and it’s not criminal in any way, shape of form. It’s actually standard procedure for the President Elect to reach out to foreign governments (not only Russia, obviously).

market drops at flynn news

One may argue that ABC should be held accountable for their inept propaganda, which cost many people big dollars. So let me get this straight. ABC used a talking head that they employ as the source for this story who used to work for Flynn a long time ago, who
has now stated he has not talked to Flynn and is just basically making crap up to put out a fake story misrepresenting the facts, to tank the market and trash trump

Didn’t this so-called journalist Brian Ross claim the Colorado Shooter was a Tea Party member in their rush to judgement a few years ago in breaking news…that also turned out to not be true? Main stream lefty media lies about this President everyday. Who are they accountable to? They are desperate and colluding with anyone if it sounds like something against the President. No research and no verification, just throw it out there and see what sticks.