Affirmative Action at its Best: Indian Man With Low GPA Fakes Being Black, Gets Into Med-School!

race in america

We just got word about a self-described anti affirmative action “hacktivist” who managed to get into medical school boasting an abysmally low GPA, just by pretending he was black. Yes, this is a true story about Vijay Chokal-Ingam, who described his “black-privilege” in a book titled ironically Almost Black. Obviously, the book details how he managed to get accepted into St. Louis University School of Medicine. The fact he had an abysmally low 3.1 GPA compared to the school’s average of 3.7 meant nothing, because he was able to successfully exploit the affirmative actions programs which are in place basically all over the United States.

So, how did Vijay Chokal-Ingam do it? It’s pretty simple: first he joined an organization for black students after he trimmed his eyelashes and shaved his head. And then, well, he got accepted by the university as he pretended he was a black student.

The thing is, as an Indian, Vijay Chokal-Ingam had zero chances of getting accepted by top med-schools in the US considering his very low (by the school standards) 3.1 GPA. However, after convincing the school he was black, he was instantly admitted. Affirmative action is the opposite of meritocracy, i.e. in a meritocracy, race and gender don’t matter. All it matters is one’s skills, hard work and intelligence. Would you like to be treated by an unqualified doctor? Well, in affirmative action plagued societies (like ours), this is happening as we speak.

The sad part is that a really brilliant person like Dr. Ben Carter will be dismissed and treated as an “affirmative action” guy just because he is black. There are many excellent black professionals with solid achievements based on brains, skill and hard work. Affirmative action is unfair to them as it is to white/yellow/brown/whatever color students who are passed over to make room for someone based solely on their skin color. Which is racist by any definition by the way.

The good news is that Donald Trump’s administration is now targeting affirmative actions programs which are destroying our educational system all across the country. Here’s a very funny video about the story: