AG Jeff Sessions Announces Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a surprise appearance at White House’s daily press briefing on Monday and he announced that his Department of Justice is taking harsh steps regarding US sanctuary jurisdictions which are plaguing America.

AG Sessions warned sanctuary cities in the US that they may lose their portion(4.1 billion dollars) in grants from the DOJ if they’ll continue with their irresponsible and unlawful policies to protect child rapists, murderers and drug traffickers which are illegally staying in the US.

Jeff Sessions told a room full of reporters that the DOJ has the duty to enforce the law of the land, immigration laws included obviously, and the respective laws require the prompt removal of illegal aliens if they’re detained or convicted of certain crimes.

What is basically a non debatable argument, i.e. that the rule of law should govern all over the US regardless of one’s sensibilities or political agenda, became an almost blasphemous statement in recent years, especially during Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House.

Illegal immigrants/aliens which are harbored by sanctuary jurisdictions/sanctuary cities are currently receiving protection from irresponsible politicians (the vast majority DEM strongholds) despite the fact that some of them are raping and murdering US citizens.

If the sanctuary jurisdictions will refuse to comply, the Department of Justice will, let me quote:

 “Today, I’m urging states and local jurisdictions to comply with these federal laws.  Moreover, the Department of Justice will require that jurisdictions seeking or applying for DOJ grants to certify compliance with 1373 as a condition for receiving those awards.”

The DOJ will also take all lawful steps to claw back any fines awarded to a jurisdiction that willfully violates Section 1373.”


On states like California and Maryland, Jeff Sessions called to scrap their plans for becoming sanctuary jurisdictions:

“That would be such a mistake. I would plead with the people of Maryland to understand this makes the state of Maryland more at risk for violence and crime, that it’s not good policy.
Obviously,  New York’s Attorney General released a defiant statement almost immediately, through which he basically vowed he will continue to violate federal laws with impunity:

All across the United States there are more than 300 jurisdictions claiming sanctuary status, including 106 cities, while the rest are states, counties etc.

Cities like Chicago, Washington, DC or New York will be the most affected by the cutting of federal funding.

The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land as recognized by 50 out of 50 State Constitutions including California’s. Border control comes under the same articles that deal with immigration and immigration control.

Each and every Mayor, Governor and State Lawmaker who pushes for or approves “Sanctuary” status for his or her state or locality needs to be snapped up short same as if they were advocating murder or theft.

Each and every Judge or Justice who rules contrary to Constitutional Federal Law needs to be reversed and disciplined or be removed from the Bench AND Disbarred.

Source, ZH


Photo: AP