Al-Qaeda, ISIS Praise Trump’s Attack on Syria

After last night’s attack on Syria, Donald Trump definitely lost the support of at least some of his anti-war base, including Ron Paul and who knows, maybe other conservatives who still cling to the outdated notion of respecting the US Constitution when waging wars on foreign entities.

However, since the nature abhors a vacuum, new Donald Trump fans emerged in the aftermath of US launching dozens of Tomahawk missiles from the Mediterranean, attacking a Syrian airfield/infrastructure as a punishment of sorts for the gas attack blamed on Assad’s military forces from a few days ago:



President Trump claimed that the US strike on Syria was vital for the national security interest of the homeland. The Donald also called on what he described as civilized nations to join the United States, join the dark side (pun intended) in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed (approximate quote) in Syria.

One may ask how fighting alongside with ISIS and various other terrorist groups against a legitimate government (Assad was democratically elected) thousands of miles away on another continent is a good/moral thing and how what’s happening in Syria is affecting the US security.

Also, what happened to the Constitution, which says that the Congress must approve acts of war against foreign entities?

Bombing a sovereign state out of a whim is an act of aggression by any definition and the bombing of a military airfield in Syria violates international law.

It’s also worth noticing that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), a specialized UN unit, already confirmed that Assad’s military does not have chemical weapons.

However, Rex Tillerson has another opinion, claiming that Assad’s regime kept some nerve gas in a secret stash somewhere, for those special moments when you have to use it against “civilians” (in a civil war, you’re fighting civilians not regular armies) and he used it ( keep in mind that there was no investigation) with the complicity/due to Russia’s incompetence, pick one.

Now, consider this and let’s wait and see what happens, i.e. if we can all commence breathing again from tomorrow.

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