Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore Shows Up to Vote on Horseback (VIDEO)

judge moore arrives at polling station on horseback

Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore arrived at his polling place at the Gallant Fire Department  at approximately 11.30 a.m. on Tuesday on horseback in what has been described as a family tradition. His wife Kayla also showed up on horseback:
Prior to winning the primaries against Luther Strange, former judge Roy Moore told CNN:

“I think it’s a good thing to do, I won the last time I rode a horse, I think maybe have good favor,”

Alabama votes on Tuesday for their new Senator that will replace Jeff Sessions. President Trump expressed his support for Roy Moore via a robocall which started on Sunday:

“I need Alabama to go vote for Roy Moore. But if Alabama elects liberal Democrat Doug Jones, all of our progress will be stopped full.”

The POTUS tweeted:

As you probably know, Roy Moore has been targeted by a furious mainstream media smear campaign, with a number of women alleging sexual misconduct from 40 years ago. However, this election has nothing to do with Moore dating teenagers in the seventies, or anything like that. It’s about Trump’s agenda and Democrats and their lapdog media wanting to bring Trump down and not wanting his agenda passed. Once the election is over you’ll never hear about these girls again. It’s all politics.I hope Moore wins. Just to see/hear the media go bonkers. Again.

Photo Credit: Brynn Anderson Associated Press