Allahu Akbar! Muslim Call To Prayer At New York Times Square Protest

Muslims and Muslim aficionados held a protest (I am a Muslim too) against President Donald Trump on Monday in New York’s famous Time Square. Let’s remember that New York was very close to raising a mosque at the 9/11 memorial site, let that sink in real good before watching this video:



Chelsea Clinton was there too, together with her daughter Charlotte and Linda Sarsour, who can be described as a  pro sharia law Hamas darling.

As usual, Linda Sarsour was there for spreading propaganda and hysteria against President Donald Trump.

Linda Sarsour delivered a speech in which she deplored the horrible executive order passed by, hold on to your hats, Democratic President Frank Delano Roosevelt (yeah, you got that right, it wasn’t Trump) during World War 2, an exec-order aimed at putting Japanese Americans inside internment camps during the war with Japan, which was a very reasonable measure, i.e. you can’t go at war with a country and in the same time to allow natives from the respective country to roam free in your homeland.

Obviously, Linda Sarsour hinted that President Donald Trump may do just that, i.e. to put minorities including Muslims in internment camps.

The star of the show was the Islamic call to prayer (as per the video above) which took place during the protest. In the Islamic tradition, shouting ferociously Allahu Akbar means that you acknowledge as a good Muslim that Allah (the Muslim God) is the greatest, i.e. greater than the infidels God or the government, as Islam is more than a religion, i.e. there’s no distinction between the state and the church in Islam.

Basically, shouting Allahu Akbar is a manifestation of Islamic supremacy.

What Madonna, Chelsea Clinton , Ashley Judd and other political correctness worshipers fail to realize is that women are among the people who would be suffering the most in a Muslim dominated society, together with homosexuals, Christians, Jews, atheists etc. Just look at what happens in Middle Eastern countries right now.

Call to prayer at #iamamuslimtoo rally in Times Square, New York

— Jason Stern (@IbnLarry) February 19, 2017

Source: The Gateway Pundit