American Soldiers Wounded in Afghan ‘insider attack’

us soldiers afghanistan

At least seven US military personnel were wounded after an “allied” Afghan soldier opened fire on American soldiers earlier on Saturday. This makes for the second “inside job”, i.e. intentional friendly fire by an Afghan ally on US soldiers in recent weeks.

The American soldiers returned fire and the shooter was killed on the spot, whilst another Afghan soldier was wounded in the exchange. According to 209th Army corps spokesman Abdul Qahar Araam, the insider attack occurred on Saturday at Mazar-e Sharif camp. Another spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry, general Dawlat Waziri confirmed the intentional friendly-fire attack.

Fortunately, there were no US fatalities this time, while the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid praised the attack, yet he did not claim responsibility for the incident. Three American soldiers were killed last week in a similar attack by an Afghan infiltrator in eastern Nangarhar province. The killer was claimed to be a Taliban loyalist, a Mujahid of sorts. So far, this is the third insider attack on American troops stationed in Afghanistan as per 2017. Currently, no terrorist faction has taken credit for this latest attack.

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump has said he would prefer to delegate almost complete authority to Pentagon for determining the number of US troops required in Afghanistan and yesterday, Pentagon officials announced they would deploy four thousand additional US soldiers to support existing forces in an attempt to break the unending stalemate. The US is fighting in Afghanistan for almost 15 years now, but the end of the conflict is nowhere in sight.