And Justice for All: Vandal Gets 15 Years for Placing Bacon in Mosque, Killer Gets Three Years for Murder

us justice system

The notion of justice is all about the philosophical concept of reward and punishment in relationship with one’s deeds. Basically, for a society to function and to have trust in the justice system, the question is always about the crime vs the punishment. If you let an admitted murderer to go away ( for further clarification read this: DOJ Weighing Federal Charges After Illegal Alien Acquitted in Kate Steinle Murder) and yet you put a person in jail for let’s say jaywalking (i.e. a victimless crime), that society is going down the tubes fast.

It’s a matter of fairness after all, and today’s piece is about two cases that shocked conservatives all across America. Besides that weird illegal alien acquittal in the Kate Steinle murder, we just got word about a student attending the University of Akron who was sentenced to only three years of jail-time after killing his roommate while intoxicated over an argument on fast food. The killer is Kendal Scheid of Norwalk, Ohio, a 23 year old who’ll be eligible for parole 6 months from now.

In the same time, Michael Wolfe, a 37 year old “vandal” was sentenced to fifteen years (15 years, you got that right) for breaking into a mosque in Florida and leaving bacon at the front door. A victimless crime by any definition, which landed this guy in jail for a long period of time.

I’ve read about a very similar situation in the UK, as a British man was sentenced to 1 year of jail-time just for putting a sandwich  bacon on a mosque’s door.And here’s the kicker: he was mysteriously murdered in that prison 6 months into his sentence, i.e. a simple protest/free speech thing (he didn’t vandalize the mosque or anything) ended up with a literal death sentence.

One may argue that the leftists are openly spreading Islam and enforcing Islamic blasphemy laws, a form of sharia-soft if you like. To “progressives”, insulting their Muslim “allies” seems to be way worse than murder.