Angela Merkel Welcomes More Refugees

“Islam not Source of Terror”

Even if the current polls are hardly in her favor, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has launched a strong defense of her famous refugee policy on Saturday, saying that Germany must take more refugees and Islam is not a source of terror.

The highly controversial leader called Mutti Merkel among the refugees said that Europe has an actual obligation to take millions of people from Iraq and Syria. She also claimed that Islam is not the cause of terrorism and that Europe and the US must work together with Muslim countries for combating extremism.

Angela Merkel proved that she learned absolutely nothing from the last 2 years of terrorist attacks in the EU (Germany wasn’t spared either), nor from the crime wave including murders and mass sex-assaults perpetrated by the so called Syrian refugees, which are in reality welfare shopping in the EU, as most of them are not even arriving from Syria but from various other places like Somalia, Nigeria, Morocco, Afghanistan etc.

Merkel gave a wide ranging speech during a security conference in Munich, Germany, vowing to work closely with Russian President Vladimir Putin for fighting against ISIS (I stands for Islamic, which has nothing to do with terrorism) in the Middle East.

The irresponsible open borders policy advocated incessantly by Frau Merkel, which brought over one million of so called refugees in Germany, amid security concerns and a wave of crime, terrorism and migrant sex attacks across the country caused a lot of anger in Germany and in many EU countries.

The good news is that Germans seem to be tired of Merkel’s progressive policies with just 6 months remaining  until they go to the polls. Merke’s re-election is looking very improbable by the week. But Martin Schulz who is her main adversary is not very different, as a former head of the European Union and a strong believer in open borders, multiculturalism and all that liberal nonsense.

Source: Daily Star