Ann Coulter Worried ‘Trump-Haters Were Right’

ann coulter bashes trump

One of the most prominent voices of the conservative movement and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump since day 1 and during the entire presidential campaign, Ann Coulter ladies and gents, has said during a Sunday interview that she’s disappointed by Trump’s young presidency and even if there’s still  hope left, she’s ready to jump ship (?!).

Ann Coulter wrote a book named In Trump We Trust and basically proclaimed The Donald as a messianic figure, a dear leader of sorts, a god-emperor, then she stated she worships the man just like those poor bastards in North Korea worship their crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un.

Basically, Ann Coulter has build Donald Trump into a larger than life-messianic figure and then she got disappointed when she discovered that the POTUS is just a man, not a super-hero with magical powers.

While she has described herself as a single issue voter and detailed her pathological love for Trump as being due to his Mexican rapist speech and his obsession with building a border wall, judging from her Sunday interview she’s now looking to join the dark side of the force after just 4 months into Trump’s presidency.

Basically, she accuses Donald Trump of not being able to fight and epically win against the Congress (both DEMs and RINOs), the leftist mainstream media (basically all of the MSM), the deep state, the DC swamp, the leftist establishment, Barack’s left-behinds (read 9th circuit) and so on and so forth. Also, he failed to undo in 4 months what has been done in 16 years or more and that can’t be excused, right?

Despite a massive drop in immigration, a booming economy, jobs coming back, a crackdown on sanctuary cities, the beginning of the repeal of Obamacare, getting a conservative judge in the SCOTUS, the exit from TPP, the renegotiation of NAFTA etc, it’s Trump’s fault that the GOP dominated Congress doesn’t want to budget his wall or that Obama’s appointees are screwing with his executive orders.  I mean, it’s not like Trump is going down to the border and start building the wall with his family… He is up against A LOT of Republicans that do NOT WANT THAT WALL BUILT for various reasons and he’s not a dictator, i.e. he can’t do whatever he wants.

So what’s up with Coulter bashing dear-leader Donald Trump?Well, maybe she simply wants to sell another book depicting how disappointed is she with The Donald  6% into his presidency. I must say: Coulter, get your act together. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

Trump is not perfect, not by a long shot, but consider the alternatives. Give the man a break, will you? Trump walked into one of the most hostile environments in the world four months ago, there hasn’t even been time for him to find out where all the hidden bugs are, much less who he can trust to help him.