Another Leaked Exec-Order Shows President Trump’s Plans for H-1B Visas


After yesterday’s leaked executive order, today we have the opportunity of  taking another glimpse in the future, courtesy of another leaked piece of intel, this time regarding the President’s plans about the infamous H1-B visas.

Again, this is nothing new if you’ve been a follower of Donald Trump’s election campaign. Almost one year ago, in March 2016, The Donald slammed the current H-1B system by saying, let me quote:

“The H-1B program is neither high-skilled nor immigration; these are temporary foreign workers, imported from abroad, for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay.”



Today’s leaked draft reveals an upcoming executive order with regard to the issuance of H1-B visas in the near future. According to  Axios, President Donald Trump is trying to make the process of visa allocation more efficient and also to make sure that those benefiting from the H1-B visa program are the best and the brightest.

One highly probable solution would be to replace the current lottery system with another one which is more specific, aiming at bringing highly educated people in the US , that kind of people who are looking for high paid jobs and so on and so forth.

Just to give you an example, under the current  H1-B visa program, India based consulting firms are some of the largest beneficiaries, but the vast majority of the jobs created by such companies tend to be low paying jobs, as opposed to the ones created by American tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

Most probably, Donald Trump’s executive order will instruct the Department of Homeland Security who runs the visa lottery system to prioritize visa allocation for companies who offer higher paying jobs.

Source: Axios