Another NFL Sponsor Quits: ‘Show Respect for America and Our Flag!’

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The latest news in the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem extravaganza is about Flemington Car and Truck Country, whose owner just pulled all of its company’s ads from broadcast of NFL games for the rest of the 2017 season. To quote from Steve Kalafer’s official statement:

“The National Football League and its owners have shown their fans and marketing partners that they do not have a comprehensive policy to ensure that players stand and show respect for America and our flag during the playing of the national anthem. We have cancelled all of our NFL advertising on the Optimum and Infinity (cable) networks.”

“As the NFL parses the important nationwide issues of ‘social justice’ and ‘freedom of speech,’ it is clear that a firm direction by them is not forthcoming,”

Steve Kalafer also owns part of the Somerset Patriots, a professional baseball team from Somerset County. Mr. Kalafer has said that he will consider resuming advertising for the 2018 NFL season, but at a later (unspecified) date. The decision to pull  Flemington Car and Truck Country’s ads was made last week on Thursday after both the company’s  employees and customers alike discussed how they’ve felt disrespected by kneeling/locking arms NFL players as the national anthem was played. To quote Steve again:

“I’m talking to 99-percent of (my) contacts, and they agree that it’s disrespectful, it’s improper. We couldn’t support the lack of direction.”

However, Kalafer emphasized that he doesn’t have a problem with the protest per se, but with the way NFL owners failed to respond to the players’ actions in a comprehensive way, allowing the protest to spiral out of control instead of directing their players on how to exercise free speech in a respectful manner:

“Owners buried their heads in the sand when  Kaepernick was kneeling. That was the time and place for direction and leadership, and that’s why this controversy is taking place,”


It becomes obvious that there’s lot of people who have a problem with NFL players protesting, especially during the anthem.  You want to protest against something, okay, but make sure there’s an issue first.  A lot of people don’t see the issue here: cops are NOT out murdering young black men. There is no organized homicide squad of cops killing young black men (if anything, it’s the other way around).