Another Russian Air-Strike in Syria Takes Out Dozens of ISIS Terrorists and Military Equipment

Yesterday’s cruise-missile attack on an ISIS target in the vicinity of Palmyra, Syria has been reported to have killed scores of Islamic State terrorists and military vehicles. The Kalibr missile attack on the convoy that was moving from Raqqa (an ISIS stronghold) to Palmyra was a huge success, according to Russian military officials.

But today, more than 80 Islamic State soldiers and dozens of heavily armed pick up trucks were obliterated by another airstrike performed this time by Russian fighter jets. According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, 3 Islamic State convoys departed Raqqa on Monday night heading towards Palmyra, thus trying to escape the besieged city.

As soon as the ISIS convoy was spotted by recon units, the airstrike was called in and the end result was 39 vehicles destroyed,of which seventeen pickup trucks carrying mortars and 8 fuel trucks and  at least 80 ISIS militants taken out. To cite from the official statement:

“The Russian task force in Syria has warned that any attempts by Islamic State militants to escape Raqqa through an open corridor towards Palmyra will be met with coercive force,”  “The terrorist convoy of 39 pickup trucks was detected and destroyed by the Air Force on its way to Palmyra,”

On Wednesday, Russian navy vessels fired four Kalibr cruise missiles, which targeted with pin point accuracy the terrorist compound in Palmyra. According to sources, the strike absolutely decimated the ISIS positions near Palmyra. Russia’s air-strike on Thursday comes as a United States backed Syrian “rebel” group is fighting tooth and nail with ISIS forces on the Northern/Eastern Raqqa, trying to encircle the terrorist stronghold.

Currently, Raqqa is completely surrounded on the north, west and east side, but the south corridor is still open. The Russian Defense Ministry explained on Wednesday that ISIS operatives are trying to exploit the south corridor in their attempt to evacuate their forces from the besieged city to other parts of Syria, but here’s where Russian troops and missiles come into play, stopping the Islamic State from penetrating into Homs and Hama provinces.