Anti Trump Agitators Clash With Trump Supporters at #March4Trump Rallies Across America

Saturday was the day when thousands of Donald Trump fans from all across America gathered peacefully in dozens of cities to show their support for the embattled president during the  #March4Trump events.

The #March4Trump demonstrations were aimed at providing a platform for Trump supporters and activists, basically those to voted President Trump into office to show their solidarity in the face of the mind-blowing hostility and criticism toward The Donald and his agenda.

The#March4Trump rallies were scheduled in over fifty cities, including Phoenix, Nashville, Denver, Boston, St. Paul, Miami, Washington and, last but not least Berkeley California.

However, in some of these cities, Trump supporters were confronted by Anti Trump agitators, with the end result being highly predictible, i.e. violence ensued followed by people hurt and arrests. The vast majority of those arrested on Saturday were Anti Trump agitators/activists.

The Berkeley rally ended up in violence with 10 people arrested, including 4 for assault with a deadly weapon, 5 for battery and 1 for resisting arrest.

Among the items confiscated by the police from the protesters were bats, metal pipes, 2 by 4s, bricks and so on and so forth.

Anti Trump agitators started the brouhaha by throwing projectiles at Trump supporters and things degenerated quickly from there. The police was present and they occasionally forayed into the crowd. However, according to witnesses, the police officers mostly held back and let things happen.

The same complaints about the police holding back in front of violent agitators were also common during UC Berkeley  Anti-Milo “protests” from February

Among the violent agitators protesting the pro Trump rally in Berkeley were members of violent ANTIFA groups and BAMN (By any mean necessary), which are basically the same black cladded/masked crew who wreaked havoc last month during the Anti Milo riots.



With clashes getting predictably ugly and the police ordered not to intervene but to sit around “videorecording the event to later identify individuals” , there was blood on the streets.

An ANTIFA girl peppersprayed an elderly Trump supporter. This is the tolerant liberal left in action:



Source: The Daily Californian