Anti Trump ESPN Host Jemele Hill Gets Suspended for Two Weeks

ESPN, which is supposed to be a sports channel and not the ES-BLM network, has suspended the rabid anti Trump host Jemele Hill for her 2nd violation of the network’s social-media guidelines. The second strike for the social justice warrior moon-shining as an ESPN host occurred on Twitter, when she urged her followers to boycott the Dallas Cowboys’ advertisers.


Here’s ESPN’s official statement:


espn statement

“Suspended for two weeks” (WITH PAY)…wow, such a brutal punishment.
Crazy me, I used to call 2 weeks off with pay a vacation. ESPN’s total hypocrisy is obvious in instantly firing Curt Schilling last year when he made comments about North Carolina’s transgender law, as compared to the kid-glove treatment Hill receives; this disparity is solid proof that ESPN and Jemele Hill are fellow travelers.

Al Sharpton, who can be best described as a professional black, rushed to denounce ESPN’s enforcing of their corporate rules:


He added:

“We consider it outrageous that Jemele Hill was suspended by ESPN. She has the right to tell people that they ought to let advertisers know how they feel, since they are the consumers. While she didn’t call for a direct boycott, it’s not off the table for us in the civil rights community.”

While Al Sharpton may argue to no one’s surprise that Jemele Hill “dindu nuffin”, she actually called for NFL fans to boycott advertisers who are aligned with teams pushing back against ‘kneeling’, after NFL team-owner Jerry Jones warned his players they’ll get benched if they fail to stand up during the national anthem. Jemele Hill previously called the Donald to be a white supremacist who is “unqualified and unfit” for being POTUS.

President Trump is 100% behind Jerry Jones’ decision: