Anti Trump Rioters Face 10 Years in Jail and Massive Fines

US Attorney Will Charge Majority of 230 Rioters with Felony Rioting


The snowflake revolution is over as the vast majority of the 230 rioters arrested during Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday will face up to ten years in jail and up to $25,000 fines.

This policy of zero tolerance marks an end to Barack Obama’s laissez faire era with regard to enforcing the law of the land upon hoodlums and rioters (read Black Lives Matter), which until now were getting a free pass  for their unlawful behavior, i.e. pillaging and destroying private property without suffering legal consequences for their actions.

That’s going to change fast, as federal prosecutors announced on Saturday that those charged with felony rioting will have to answer for their actions to the full extent of the law.

After violent riots and protests erupted in Washington DC after Donald Trump’s official inauguration, 230 people were arrested following a violent rampage which occurred very close to the White House, a few blocks away.

Thousands of anti Trump rioters destroyed private property, smashed store windows, threw bricks at the police, set cars on fire (including Larry King’s SUV) in McPherson square and along K street.

Riot police was forced to block the parade route and to use pepper spray and tear gas against the “protesters”, and they even threw flash-bangs on the mob. The windows of McDonald’s, Starbucks and Bank of America buildings were smashed and the facades spray painted with weird slogans and profanities.

Hundreds of well organized rioters, all dressed in black and wearing masks and various “riot gear” marched to the streets hurling projectiles and breaking windows.

The masked mob was confronted by the security forces along K street and in McPherson Square as riot police fired tear gas and arrested dozens of violent rioters who set up multiple fires in the area. Six police officers were injured during the violent clashes. In many cases, individuals arrested were charged with rioting

City police chief  Peter Newsham told reporters:

‘The charge is rioting. Our intention going into this event was to make zero arrests, and unfortunately they forced our hand.’

Source: DailyMail