Antifa Cell Calls For Seizing Property, Violence Against Police

antifa violence cops

Antifa is launching a new hardcore armed cell in Philly with a little help from the so-called alt-left alternative media, a cell which eerily resembles Black Lives Matter due to their slogan/call to arms “Our enemies in Blue”. Obviously, the group promotes violence against police, just like their ilk in the Black Lives Matter. Remember “pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon“, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” and similar tolerant leftist stuff, right? It’s amazing to me that these groups are not banned for domestic terrorism (BLM already has a number of murdered cops under their belt) but let that go.

The new Antifa cell in Philadelphia seems to be walking the path of Black Lives Matter, advocating violence against cops, armed insurrection and the theft of private property. The new Antifa wing is promoted by left wing websites (which are never taken down by the social justice progressives in Silicon Valley,like they did with the Daily Stormer and others), the likes of Insurrection News, It’s Going Down and Sub.Media. The new group is called  Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and they’ve already started asking for funding via their  Fundrazr account.

The new Antifa cell already issued a press release which is filled with bombastic propaganda and delirious claims about how LGBTQ are being battered and mosques are being ruthlessly bombed,

So, they will defend the Muslims so they can implement sharia-law so they can throw gays off rooftops and hang them from soccer-posts? Not very smart in this writer’s opinion.

The group also states that:

The destruction of black life continues unabated as millions languish in the plantations of the modern day slave system.

while taking pride in promoting convicted criminals like a Black Panthers activist (Mumia Abu Jamal) who killed a police officer in Philly, or Russell Shoats, a guy who shot a police officer in the back 5 times in 1970. Besides moronic notions (similar to other Antifa/communist groups) like opposing white supremacy, there are several other alarming points in the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement manifesto, the likes of “Expropriation and the Cooperative Economy ” and the “Abolition of Gender”.

Basically, these guys are calling for sheer communism in America, i.e, a dystopian society where everybody is a transgender, or something along these lines. And they want to get there by destroying capitalism and killing cops. To begin the revolutionary process, the group calls its members to expropriate (as in steal) lands, goods and tools. That’s why cops must go in the first phase, as cop’s mission is to defend the law of the land and property among other things.

Even if Antifa is regularly calling for a communist revolution (read overthrow of the government) in the USA and violence against police, the left wing mainstream media has been not-so-surprisingly indulgent in its coverage of Antifa, sometimes even depicting them as glorious warriors against the rise of neo Nazism and white supremacy.