ANTIFA Professor Gets Arrested Following 4chan Investigation

eric clanton

The world known 4chan/POL/ board users started a private investigation of sorts, trying to identify the culprit who smashed free speech supporters on the head using a U-lock during the infamous Berkeley protests. The 4chan users who are experts in using what has been described as weaponized autism managed to identify the suspect as Eric Clanton.

The ANTIFA thug who wore a mask and acted like a total ape during a free speech protest  has been arrested and booked into Berkeley City Jail as the main suspect in the aforementioned assault case by the Berkeley police.

And guess what: Eric Clanton is a 28 year old former Diablo Valley College professor and he was taken into custody  on Wednesday, being currently held on a $200k bail, with his next court hearing on Friday.

The epic arrest is due to a “free market” 4chan/POL/ investigation, which managed to identify this guy and a several other violent protesters participating at the Berkeley event using just a few seconds of video coverage. Using mad video editing skills and their now famous weaponized autism, the private detectives at 4chan determined that the perp’s nose and facial features revealed by the videos are pertaining to a philosophy teacher with a background in critical thinking, ethics and comparative philosophy East-West. Out of all people, that rabid ANTIFA thug proved to be a philosophy professor.

The guy’s Ok Cupid , Twitter,and Rate my professor accounts were found, including his faculty profile at the Diablo College, where he gives ethics lectures to inconspicuous students. How did they do it? Well, according to the /POL/ board, they identified the culprit by cross referencing with other pics what they’ve been able to determine from enhancing his facial images and a bunch of other stuff I can’t even pretend to understand. Weaponized autism at its best folks.