Antifa Thug Who Stabbed Police Horse in Face With a Nail on Pole is Formally Charged

lisa joy simon

An Antifa so-called protester, in reality a rioter named Lisa Joy Simon, a 23 year old woman who was arrested during an Anti Sharia rally in Harrisburg after she was accused of stabbing a police horse in the face using a nail on pole was now formally charged and set for court.



Lisa Joy Simon was charged for resisting arrest and aggravating assault on a police horse back in June.


According to a report from the Philly Metro, the Antifa operative attended a number of counter-protest rallies put together by the left wing organization (that’s Antifa) against the anti Sharia law marches organized by the conservative group ACT for America.

During the counter-protest, the Antifa activist stabbed a police horse (Sampson)in the face/neck with a nail on a pole for absolutely no reason. The horse suffered minimal injuries and it was capable of continuing to work after the nasty incident.

Most rational women walk around with their heads shaved and hit animals with boards that have nails in them,completely normal, right? For Antifa, I mean.  Assaulting a police animal is against the law. “18 U.S. Code § 1368 – Harming animals used in law enforcement”. On top of it now being a federal law, PA just cracked down on their local animal cruelty laws too so it will not be good for her….at all.