AP Conspiracy Theory: Former Trump Adviser Manafort Worked for Russian Billionaire in 2005


To get things straight from the beginning: Paul Manafort was fired by Trump after he learned about his Russian ties. It’s a non-story.

Both Podesta brothers and Bill Clinton worked for Russians too. Bill Clinton made money in Russia around the time Hillary sold nuke materials to Russians. Where’s the investigation?

As per Saul Alinsky’s (Hillary’s mentor) good book: Always accuse the other side of what you are doing yourself!

The AP completely ignores John Podesta(Hillary’s campaign chair), his daughter and his brother Tony Podesta’s business ties to Russia.

And I am talking about Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One scandal that allowed the Russians to have control over 20% of US uranium, which will more than likely be used in building nuclear bombs.

Or the true gem from 2012 involving Obama caught on a hot mic asking Dmitry  Medvedev to tell Vladimir Putin that he will have “more flexibility” after the election. The left wing fake news media are such hypocrites.

 In reality, the story goes like this:15 years ago in 2002, Putin worked to persuade nations in Central Asia that were formerly part of the USSR to allow the US to use their military bases so that they could conduct military operations against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
This came on the heels of 9/11 terrorist attacks.

What the media isn’t saying is that relations with Russia 12 years ago were MUCH better than they are right now.

The way the media presents their stories you would think the Cold War NEVER ended and any and all associations with Russia are plain treason.

The Russia hysteria is in full overload right now, and it is destroying any chance to improve relations with them in the future.

The media, the Deep State, the Democrats, neo-cons, and the progressive-left are all collectively out of their damn minds.