AP Runs Fake News Story About National Guard Called on Illegals

The Associated Press ran a story earlier on Friday which claimed that Trump’s administration was considering mobilizing the National Guard for helping with immigration raids and to round up illegal aliens at the Mexico border.

The mainstream media had a field day with the explosive report circulated by AP which said that DHS Secretary Kelly considered using up to 100,000 troops to round up illegal immigrants.

The Associated Press claimed that it was in possession of an eleven page leaked document which described the administration’s plans for mobilizing the National Guard troops in the border states of Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

According to the leaked documents, the respective states were allowed to participate in the operation if the governors wished so, while the National Guard troops would have been authorized to perform the full functions of an immigration officer, i.e. to investigate, apprehend and detain illegal aliens in the United States.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke to the press corps traveling with President Trump to Florida for the weekend’s events, saying that the memo circulated by the AP is not a White House document and it’s one hundred percent false. However, he did not deny that such proposal could have taken place at some point somewhere in Trump’s administration.

The Department of Homeland security stepped up to the plate and condemned AP’s story as fake news, saying that it isn’t true and they’ve never considered using the National Guard for rounding up illegal immigrants. Also, that despite AP’s claims, DHS Secretary John Kelly did not write the respective memo.

A DHS official quoted by the Daily Beast said that the leaked memo cited by the Associated Press on Friday was an early draft that Secretary John Kelly never approved and the DHS never considered it seriously.

Just as an interesting factoid, former president Barack Obama deployed 1200 National Guard troops to the United States-Mexico border for helping staff observation posts, to build fences, monitor surveillance footage and things of that nature, though they weren’t authorized to arrest people.

Former president Bush called up 6000 National Guard troops in 2006 and they were commissioned to assist with border surveillance, to help install border barriers etc.





Source: The Daily Beast, Mc Clatchy



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