Apple’s CEO Blasts Obama, Says Trump’s Tax Reform ‘Will Result in Job Creation and A Faster Growing Economy’

Apple Believes President Trump's Tax Cuts 'Will Result in Job Creation and A Faster Growing Economy'

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took the left by storm on Thursday, as he committed an imaginable thought crime by saying that President Trump’s tax reform is going to help the US economy via job creation and a faster growth. Tim Cook discussed these thorny issues during an interview with ABC News, including the company’s plan to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in the US economy over the next 5 years and how Trump’s tax cuts will be a major boon for the US economy.

Cook did not express his views on the tax cuts’ effect on the average Joe Taxpayer, but he addressed the corporate tax issue:

“I do believe the corporate side will result in job creation and a faster growing economy.”

said Apple’s CEO, emphasizing that under Barack Obama’s tax legislation, the 38 billion dollars one-time tax payment Apple is going to make as a condition for repatriating its hundreds of billions of dollars parked in offshore accounts would not have hit Uncle Sam’s coffers. Tim Cook criticized former president’s tax plans by saying that he never thought the respective system to be beneficial for the United States as a whole, as the environment created by Obama, i.e. too bigger taxes/tax restrictions et al forced people/companies to invest offshore. About the 38 billion dollars in tax payments, Cook said:

“I hope — I have that faith — that it will be used for great purpose for the country, whether that’s infrastructure or education, or what have you, that will further supply jobs in the U.S.”

To make a long story short, Tim Cook just told Americans that Barack Obama’s 8 years in the White House were catastrophic for the US business environment and that’s priceless considering the source, i.e. Tim Cook is married to another man and is very SJW-oriented at Apple.

There’s nothing better than having a true fiscal conservative following after a socialist/progressive. We had it with Reagan following Carter, and now with Trump after Obama. It’s a golden opportunity to prove, one more time, the superiority of capitalism over socialism. I don’t know why this has to be continually proven, but every few generations the lessons have to be relearned.


Via ABC News