As Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theories Go Viral, YouTube Tweaks its Search Algos

youtube censorship

According to a Wall Street Journal piece from Friday, YouTube is censoring (again) content which is deemed by its curators as not being “authoritative enough” via tweaking its search algorithms, so every time when you search, let’s say, “Las Vegas shooting”, you’ll be force-fed with mainstream media videos. But don’t worry, it’s for your own good citizen.

The whole debacle with Silicon Valley fighting alternative media tooth and nail, thus making sure internet-consumers are only receiving mainstream-media approved propaganda began with Donald Trump winning the presidency against all odds. You know, because those 100,000 dollars worth of Facebook ads which destroyed Hillary’s billion dollars campaign. Now, YouTube joins Facebook and Twiter in promoting what they describe as “more authoritative sources” in their search results.

The obvious question for any First Amendment aficionado is who gets to pick and choose the authoritative sources. Snopes?

Moving along with the story, as per the Wall Street Journal piece, if you were performing YouTube searches for the “Las Vegas Shooting”  earlier this week, this viral video made by Jake Morphonios would have been included:

This conspiracy-theory video went viral, amassing more than one million views in just 24 hours, but all that went to flames after YouTube decided to censor it and to replace it with mainstream media stories, because they care about you so much. The End of Times report is run by this guy Jake, who was quoted as saying by the WSJ:

It was a hot topic, of course, and was going to get some views anyway, but it really did get caught in [YouTube’s] algorithm and went viral from there. Clearly it got into featured videos or something.

It’s my opinion, it’s my analysis, and everyone’s got an opinion, and I can understand that maybe they don’t want me to be considered the equivalent of The Wall Street Journal or the New York Times or something like that. But still, I’m not presenting myself as mainstream media. I’m just a guy with a computer offering an opinion. And to be punished for that is, well, it’s draconian.”

Here are two screenshots with a YouTube search for “Las Vegas shooting” before and after the algorithm tweak:

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Here’s YouTube official statement:

In response to criticism on social media of some search results this week, a person familiar with YouTube said the company is accelerating the rollout of planned changes to its search engine. On Wednesday night, the video service began promoting more authoritative sources in search results, especially pertaining to major news events, the person said. YouTube doesn’t disclose how it determines which sources are authoritative.

Bottom line: YouTube and Google (its parent company) now feature “tweaked” search engines which are nothing more than an MSM echo chamber. You’ve been warned.