As Massive U.S. War Games Begin Monday, North Korea Predicts Catastrophy

us south korea war games

As a massive military war-game is about to start on Monday between US and South Korea, the rogue Pyongyang regime warns of catastrophe. The training exercise scheduled between the two allies next week is called Ulchi-Freedom Guardian and it makes for a recurrent event that takes place every fall in South Korea.

The Ulchi-Freedom Guardian makes for a massive show of force and in the past, North Korea was triggered by the US-South Korea joint military exercises, i.e. this is not the first time the Pyongyang warns of Armageddon risk and so forth and so on. It’s also worth noticing that more than 50,000 troops from South Korea will war-game with some 30,000 GI Joes, together with massive numbers of first responders (in the hundreds of thousands) and civilians, making for world’s biggest computerized command&control military training-exercise.

Part of the exercise is the simulation of a chemical/nuclear attack on civilians. Also, the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian was scheduled long before the bellicose rhetoric between the Pyongyang regime and Washington started, leading to a diplomatic fallout between North Korea and the rest of the civilized world basically. According to Pentagon, the joint military exercise between South Korea and the US is defensive in nature, even if the respective exercise simulates warfare with North Korea starting from August 21st and August 31st. It’s interesting to note that both China and North Korea regard these joint military exercises as highly provocative and a threat to regional security.

Considering the latest provocations on Pyongyang’s side, the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian will definitely prompt another reaction (think along the lines of a missile launch aimed at Guam for example, as per Kim’s recent threats) from that “crazy fat kid” Kim Jong-un who rules North Korea with an iron hand. According to a Council for Foreign Relations specialist:

Over the course of the next two weeks I expect tensions to escalate. This is always a sensitive issue, but it is more hair-trigger as the North Koreans are very sensitive to the likely additional nuclear-capable aircraft flyovers.”

However, what’s very interesting with regard to next week’s military exercises which will take place amidst North Korea’s dire warnings is the fact that for the first time in history China said it would remain neutral in a war between the US/the West and Pyongyang provided the latter attacked first/launched a preemptive strike against US or its allies.

And a North Korean war/regional conflict following an attack (false flag or real) blamed on Pyongyang during the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercises will make the world economy crash (read the current stock market bubble, the US debt extravaganza and so forth and so on), leading to global centralization and economic ruin for Americans/the West generally speaking.

Photo South Korea Defense Ministry AP