As Spain Takes Over Government, Catalan Leader Urges Peaceful Rebellion

spain on the brink catalonia independence

Catalonia’s President and separatist leader Carles Puigdemont urged his citizens to peacefully oppose (whatever that means) Spain’s formal takeover via imposing direct rule from Madrid over the rebellious province. Following Spanish government’s takeover of Catalonia, violence erupted in Barcelona, as Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy ordered his deputy Soraya Saenz de Santamaria to take control over the rebellious province, thus quashing Catalonia’s attempts at secession.

The head of the regional police force in Catalonia (the Mossos d’Esquadra), Josep Lluis Trapero respectively was fired by the Spanish Prime Minister via a decree.

As per a report via The Spain ReportCarles Puigdemont claimed that Spain activating article 155 of the Spanish Constitution is illegitimate and asked his fellow Catalans to show, let me quote, “patience, perseverance and faith in the future“, while urging them to democratically oppose the Spanish government orders do dismiss Catalonia’s regional parliament and sack his administration.

He said in a televised address that, let me quote:

“Let’s move forward with the only winning attitude — without violence, insults, in a very inclusive way, respecting opinions and symbols and protests by other people who are against what the parliamentary majority decided.”

A Spanish government official commented on Carles Puigdemont address to the Catalan people by saying that, let me quote:

“Spain will not comment on comments by Puigdemont who is out of a job.”

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called for fresh elections in Catalonia on December 21 to “restore normality” and has said:

“We have decided to sack the Catalan government. Central government will assume the powers of the Catalan administration.”

So, what happens next, you may ask? Well, read up my previous article and take a wild guess: Catalonia Declares Independence, Spain Fights Back, Imposes Direct Rule

The thing is, other than the Bavarians, Flemish and northern Italians, most of today’s European separatist movements are heavily left-wing, such as the Catalans, Galicians, Basques, Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Bretons, Corsicans, Sardinians, and Sicilians.

A great example of this is Sinn Féin, which waged war for years on the grounds that not only the English, but even the closely related Celtic Ulster-men (descendants of Scots brought in as settlers), are aliens; but which welcomes mass immigration from the Third World.