Assad’s Forces Regain Ground in Western Syria

The government forces have retaken the land lost to rebels in Hama province

According to reports from the London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Syrian government forces have retaken most of the territory lost recently to the rebels in Hama province in Western Syria.

Syrian regime forces are fighting against the Syrian rebels (Free Syrian Army), as well as numerous jihadists groups for the control over the strategically important region in Western parts of Syria.

After an attack by rebel forces and jihadist militias, Syrian troops have launched a counter-offensive, and recaptured 16 villages. The Syrian regime forces are aided by Russian air strikes.

The opposition blamed government forces for air raids in which two people were killed.

The civil war in Syria has been raging since 2011. It is estimated that nearly half a million people lost their lives during the deadly conflict. In addition to hundreds of thousands of casualties, the conflict in Syria left millions displaced.

Previous diplomatic attempts to secure a peaceful resolution of the conflict have all failed.

Source: Euronews