Austria Enacts Burqa Ban and Compulsory Integration Law

austria bans burqa

Austria passed and enacted a very interesting integration law that will impose a fine for Muslim women wearing face-concealing Islamic attire, while in the same time it will cut benefits from migrants failing to take language lessons (starting from October). The law was rubber-stamped by the President and has been officially enacted by the country’s Parliament.

Even if the politically correct/left wing mainstream media calls this law to be “highly” controversial, there’s nothing controversial about it. The law states the obvious: if you fail to learn the language of the country which gave you asylum, you’ll not be able to work, nor to integrate (the Muslim ghettos all around the Western Europe tell this story ad nauseam, not to mention the vast majority of Imams preaching backward Salafist/Wahhabi radicalism in mosques, who also can’t speak English/German or whatever) and if you refuse to accepts its cultural values, you’ll have to leave.

Women who will keep wearing Islamic face-concealing veils (niqab/burqa) in public places will be fined to the tune of 150 euros (France passed the same law in 2010). Immigrants who desire to stay in Austria will have to participate in a twelve months integration course, which requires German language lessons. That will be compulsory for those refugees/immigrants/welfare-shoppers who are receiving welfare benefits. No integration-no welfare, it’s pretty straight forward.

Newcomers are completely forbidden to disseminate extremist/radical propaganda and they’re encouraged to “arbeit macht frei” via volunteering prior to getting their work permits. In this way, they’ll be better prepared to live among Austrians in their future workplace, if any (in the UK, 50% of Muslim men and 75% of Muslim women live on benefits, i.e. they’re unemployed).

Austria has a relatively small problem (for now) with unvetted Muslim immigration, as they’ve received only 90,000 “refugees” since the beginning of the 2015 migrant crisis, yet they seem determined not to repeat the same mistakes as Germany, France, Sweden or the United Kingdom. One of the law’s main proponents, Alois Stoger (Social-Democrat) was quoted as saying:

Work is one of the most important factors for successful integration, which is why we are not only breaking down language barriers with this policy – we are also creating a continuous integration concept for the first time,”

Truer words were never spoken. Immigration without assimilation (and work is a big part of the integration/assimilation process) will wreck Western countries, as the native population will be forced to pay extra-taxes to support the parallel society created via ghettoization fueled by state welfare on taxpayer’s monies, a process which is obvious in Denmark, France, Sweden, the UK and many other places where no-go zones are pretty much the norm, together with Islamic terrorism.