Author of ‘Fire and Fury’ Brags Book will ‘Finally End This Presidency’

Author of 'Fire and Fury' Brags Book will 'Finally End This Presidency'

Michael Wolff is a well known sensationalist (as in not to be trusted) book writer and according to his latest interview on Saturday  with BBC Radio  , the story in his highly dubious sourced “novel” titled ‘Fire and Fury’, which is basically a gossip/fantasy opera targeting Donald Trump, “will finally end…this presidency”. Well, how many times did we already hear that “Trump is finished” mantra? If you ask me, this guy  is in for the money, i.e. he will make a killing with his science fiction book sales, courtesy of the liberals/progressives buying his book and end up depressed as usual when nothing will change, but let that go.

The author of ‘Fire and Fury’ also claimed on Sunday that the 25th Amendment is a hot topic in the White House among staffers. In case you’re not familiar with the US Constitution, the 25th Amendment is the latest trick pulled by the left, i.e. they’re now trying to remove a duly elected President by claiming that he’s mentally unfit for office, or something along these lines. Michael Wolff claimed that White House staffers told him “we’re not at a 25th Amendment level yet”, while others described President Trump’s behavior “a little 25th Amendment.” Wolff said during the BBC interview:

“No, this man can’t function in this job as president. He may have been elected president, but that does not turn him into president. I think he’s intellectually incapable of being President of the United States.


94% of the media also thought the same thing and they have billions of dollars invested in getting rid of Trump. The results? The most conservative first year of a presidency ever.

Here’s the POTUS’ comment on ‘Fire and Fury’:

If I got a dollar for each time I heard from a progressive that this “scandal” is finally going to bring Trump down, I’d be a millionaire. If this is what incompetence looks like, Trump can keep on being incompetent as far as I am concerned.