Bush held his tongue for 8 years. Obama 8 days.

Ding dong, the bad witch is back, as former President Barack Hussein Obama (how wonderful it sounds!) can’t just sit back, relax and enjoy his prolonged golfing sessions. Barack Obama made a statement on Monday as a reaction to President Donald Trump’s executive actions with regard to restricting immigration from Middle East’s high risk countries.

The respective 7 high risk countries are basically owned by Obama, as he’s the one who put them on the list and also, he’s the one who bombed 5 of them during his mandates as President.

However, these little details are irrelevant now that he’s not in office anymore. Obama is now urging Americans, presumably those who did not vote for Trump, because Trump is doing exactly what he promised in his election campaign, to organize against the president.

Basically, Obama is now agitating the sore loser Democrats against the President of the United States by any definition. People elected Donald J Trump for his campaign promises and he now delivers 100%, while Barack Obama is getting back to his roots as a community organizer, which is another moniker for socialist agitation/insurrection in the purest Saul Alinsky hardcore Marxist tradition.

Just like he did during his 2 terms as POTUS, Obama is now trying as hard as he can to further divide the nation by putting gas over the fire and playing the sentimental cord of his fan-base , saying that he opposes discrimination against “folks” based on their religion or faith, even if he did not say that Donald Trump’s executive orders did so.

Can’t you just leave us alone Obama? The people voted for Trump and he’s now doing exactly what he promised to do, just bite the bullet and try again in 2020, maybe Michelle will have a better chance than Hillary, provided that Trump is such a catastrophe of a President as the lapdog mainstream media depicts him.

Or maybe that’s the problem, that President Donald Trump is doing great and in 2020 the Democrats will not stand a chance. Let’s wait and see, but what happened to the customary 100 days of peace, the honeymoon of sorts between the new POTUS  and his critics, including the media and political opponents?

Donald Trump wasn’t allowed one day and that speaks volumes, as you’re taking flak while you’re right over the target.

Source: Yahoo