Baltimore Residents Support ‘Martial Law’ due to ‘Out of Control Genocide’

baltimore martial law

Baltimore City, Maryland can be best described as a place where death, violence and despair are spiraling out of control, with the region descending slowly into chaos. The thing is, Baltimore is one of those intentionally deindustrialized forever-Democrat-ran cities (globalism is awesome, remember that), which also suffers from depopulation since the sixties (read white flight) and boasts a heavy multicultural “heritage”, i.e. blacks make for more than sixty percent of the city’s population, which describes a truly shocking racial disparity, but let that go.

Even if many are still in denial, Baltimore is shrinking, both in term of economy and population, while wealth inequality in the area is among the worst in America. According to JPM, more than 100,000 blacks in Baltimore (out of 615,000 residents) have zero dollars to their name; on top of that, 46,800 residences are currently vacant, which makes for sixteen percent of the housing stock, due to people leaving the area for various reasons (foreclosures, criminality etc) or they’re being forced by the city to live in multi complexes (read projects). As the economy crumbles and homicide stats surge, neighborhoods are rotting, with Baltimore getting very close to become America’s crime-capital, i.e. the city with the highest homicide rate.

To put things into perspective, Baltimore has more homicides than Los Angeles or New York, which are way larger in terms of population. Earlier in 2017, the city’s mayor Catherine Pug asked the Federal government for help, as violence in Baltimore is out of control,literally. And now, after various “ceasefires” (“Nobody Kill Anybody”) proposed by citizens groups which have taken the streets in a desperate attempt to control the situation failed miserably, Baltimore residents are asking for martial law to be enforced by the feds.

It looks obvious that if the people in those communities didn’t want to live like that, they wouldn’t. You do not need money to live in peaceful communities. They live like that because they like it. And no government program will change the situation.

Strange this country has spent 7 trillion on wars to stop terrorism and we can’t clean up our streets. Not to mention the War on Poverty cost SO FAR = $22 Trillion. Obviously a huge waste of money, probably made the problem worse in most cases.

People in large cities love safety over liberty. They love the rich being stolen from to give to the poor. They love the collective and fear the individual. Collectivism is intrinsic to the operation of a dense population. Cities are breeding grounds for the indoctrination of socialism where if it is not “fair” it cannot be just. There should be no surprise we are finding ourselves at war rural against urban.

Governmental priorities are fundamentally opposite based on population density.

baltimore martial law