Barack Obama Back in Politics as Community Organizer?

community organizing

Former president Barack Hussein Obama just met earlier on Sunday with so called “at-risk” youths in his Chicago home-town, right before delivering his first important post presidential discourse in a community organizer capacity of sorts.

Mr. Barack Obama was attending a round-table with young men and boys pertaining to the organization Chicago Create Real Economic Destiny, which is situated in a South Chicago neighborhood, Roseland/Pullman respectively.

The happening’s location has a special significance for history aficionados, as this is the place where a much younger and idealistic Barack Obama has started his political career as a community organizer. Now, the circle is complete, as after 2 terms as POTUS Mr. Barack Obama is getting back to basics so to speak, organizing again the black community just like he did when he was 25 years old.

The pompously named Chicago Create Real Economic Destiny or CRED for short is a government funded program which aims at helping Chicago’s young and disadvantaged to learn job skills and to provide them further with employment opportunities, with an emphasis on the “at risk” young adults.

According to spokesman Kevin Lewis, former president Barack Obama first listened to the “growing up in the hood” stories shared by the young men present at the meeting, and then he told them about his own experiences and challenges faced when growing up in Chicago.

Mr. Obama felt optimistic about the young Chicagoans future and especially about their potential to make a positive contribution to their communities and families.

The former president will deliver his first public speech as a community organizer on Monday at the University of Chicago in front of young community leaders/organizers.

One who knows better than PR and ferreting with words would say that Mr. Obama is back at doing what he does best: community agitating, i.e. the former president will be out agitating and encouraging others to get into “community organizing” when he should be encouraging them to get off their backsides, study hard, get a good education, don’t have children out of wedlock, don’t burn down the corner CVS and go get a job.

Of course he will be as annoying as ever with his smug smile, fop attire and air of superiority which is totally unjustified. And by the way. what exactly did he do for these “at risk” youths when he was president? NOTHING.


Photo: AP